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Carte de la République Démocratique du Congo

Kivu Gin was born following a trip in a faraway and very difficult accessible region of Central Africa, more precisely in the province of North Kivu. Therefore the idea how to highlight the magnificence of this remote area located in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This part of the world is unfortunately known for the armed conflicts happening there for many years, whereas it could be famous for its varied fauna and flora as well as for its spectacular landscape with mountains, lakes and thick forests.

Photo gorilles des montagnes de l'Est du Congo
Photo éléphants de l'Est du Congo
Photo de vanille de l'Est du Congo

To capture the essence of this incredibly rich and varied place, the ingredients used in the production of Kivu Gin are carefully selected. Indeed, we work with exceptional products and the needed spices are grown in an artisanal way to promote small cooperatives and local producers.

Discover Kivu Gin and let be swept away by the unique flavors and delicate aromas of this exceptional and delicious spirit.

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